Kristiani Herrawati Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono known as Hj. Ani Bambang Yudhoyono, she is the first lady of Indonesia since her husband Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was inaugurated as President of The Republic of Indonesia on October 20th 2004. President Yudhoyono has been reelected by a landslide victory for his second term as President until 2014. She was born in Jogjakarta on July 6th, 1952 as the third child of seven siblings in the family of General Sarwo Edhie Wibowo and Mrs. Sunarti Sri Hadiyah. She is married to Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at July 30, 1976 and has been living in the military environment for three generations: her father, General Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, her beloved husband, General H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and her son, Captain Inf. Agus Harimurti.

She is a mother of two sons. The eldest son is Captain Inf. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, M.Sc. MPA, was born in Bandung, August 10, 1978. Married to Annisa Larasati Pohan and has a lovely daughter, Almira Tunggadewi Yudhoyono. He graduated as a Master in Strategic Defense at Nanyang University in Singapore. Captain Inf. Agus has also recently finished his masters’ degree in Public Administration from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Her second son, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono, M.Sc. was born in Bandung, November 24, 1980, graduated as a master in International Political Economic at Nanyang University in Singapore. He holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce from Curtin Institute of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Ibu Ani is a Moslem by birth and has performed the hajj and also the Umroh. She raised her family through Islamic Values of hard working, discipline and honesty Her motto in raising her family is: do the best and let Allah do the rest.


Initially, Ibu Ani dreamed to be a doctor, which is why she had spent time studying at the Medical Faculty of the Christian University of Indonesia. But then she left her medical school at the third year to go to South Korea to accompany her father on his assignment as the Indonesian Ambassador for South Korea.

In 1998, she received a degree in Political Science from Open University in Indonesia. She speaks, writes and reads English well and passive in Korean.


Ibu Ani is a smart and a very charming lady. Her beautiful smile shows her sincerity and kindness. At the early years of the party, she joined the Democratic Party as Vice President and she took an active role during the legislative and presidential campaign to support her husband when running for President during the General Election in 2004.

To assist in the programs of the Government, the First Lady along with the Wives of the Ministers of the United Indonesia Cabinet formed a social organization called SIKIB (Solidarity of the Wives of the United Indonesia Cabinet) to provide assistance to the people, especially the less fortunate women and children, also in order to empower them through the "Prosperous Indonesia" program in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals.

To achieve "Prosperous Indonesia", the SIKIB conducts the following programs: "Indonesia Smart" (Indonesia Pintar), "Indonesia Healthy" (Indonesia Sehat), "Indonesia Green" (Indonesia Hijau), "Indonesia Creative" (Indonesia Kreatif), and "Indonesia Cares" (Indonesia Peduli).

1. 1.Indonesia Smart (Love of reading will help you reach your goals).

Main mission: To abolish illiteracy, ignorance and to improve the lives of Indonesians, especially women and children.

This program aims to reach the unreached and is implemented by concrete actions such as: smart cars, smart motorcycles, smart boats and smart houses.

Smart cars, smart motorcycles, smart boats and smart houses program provides 4 centers in them: book center, computer center, educational toys center and stage and audio visual center.

Specially for the smart house, other than the 4 centers above, there is also a working center, which is a center to empower the community, especially women and teenagers. This program is designed to provide life skills and vocational skills in accordance with the human resources available.

The learning concept used in the Indonesia Smart program is done with a multiple intelligence approach with the joyful learning method and integrated method.

2. Indonesia Heathy! (A Healthy Nation Builds a Strong Country) .

The Indonesia Healthy program provides counseling on Health, especially the well being of women and children, also it provides health services when required.

In practice, the Indonesia Healthy program provides assistance through a Health Car (Mobil Sehat) and Health Motorcycles (Motor Sehat). This car is provided for periodical visits to the people in need. The car is also meant to complete existing government programs. It also serves areas affected by natural disasters.

3. Indonesia Green (Save our Earth)

The Indonesia Green program is proof of Indonesian women’s attention to the environmental preservation. In the movement of women planting and nursing trees, for every child born, named the One Child One Tree program, started in December 2007.

It also conducts spreading of fish seeds projected to the concept of family food security, preservation of the environment and sanitation.

4. Indonesia Creative (Preserve Culture, Encourage Creativity)

It is a program to empower the community’s economy in accordance with local and human resources potentials, using a One Village One Product Method. This method is developed in the working centers located inside the smart houses all over Indonesia.

5. Indonesia Cares (Love and Care for Others)

This program is aimed to increase social solidarity and support for areas affected by natural disasters and to empower the economy of those areas, conflict areas and remote areas. This program is also a sign of our empathy towards society.

The First Lady's Activities that have gained world recognition:

1. On 31 July 2007, the Ani was invited as a speaker for the UNESCO Regional Conferences In Support of Global Literacy, in Beijing, China.

2. The Indonesian Womens’ Movement for Planting and Caring for 10,000,000 Trees (in coordination with 7 women organizations) on 1 December 2007 received the Certificate of Global Leadership from UNEP (The United Nations Environment Programme);.

3. She was also invited as a keynote speech, "Woman as The Driving Force to Fight Climate Change", in a side event sponsored by the UNFCCC in Bali, December 2007 and she received Global Leadership award from the UNEP for her leadership of Planting and nurturing 10.000 trees through out Indonesia.

4. On 28 July 2008, in the Regional Microedit Summit 2008, Ibu Ani received a golden pin award from Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus. She was awarded for her relentless commitment in encouraging and developing small and medium enterprises and micro credits through the PERKASSA (Women and Healthy and Wealthy Family Program) and Indonesia Creative. br />
5. In July 7th 2010, by invitation of the Indonesian Parliament and UNESCO, she will also address the Asia – Pacific Parliament on the matter of education.

The First Lady is also active in many organizations, such as:


1. Indonesia Reading Foundation (MANCA)

2. Women International Club (WIC) Jakarta

3. National Crafts Agency (DEKRANAS)

4. White Ribbon Alliance Indonesia


1. Family Welfare Movement (PKK)

2. Mutumanikam Nusantara

3. Indonesia Zoo

4. Kebaya Designers' Association (IPKI) (in 2009)


1. Association of Indonesia Veterans’ Wives (PIVERI)

2. Indonesian Weaving Association (CTI)


1. Association for the Eradication of Tuberculosis Indonesia (PPTI)


1. Ria Pembangunan




1. Indonesia Smile Social Program (The Tempo Group)


1. Mitragender


1. Ambassador for HIV / AIDS

2. Ambassador for breastfeeding

3. Ambassador for the quality improvement of women and children

4. First Lady Cares for Autism

5. Thallassaemia Indonesia Icon (2010)

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