Remarks at Dinner Hosted by President of The Republic of Singapore

And I see both Singapore and Indonesia evolving a healthy social and economic symbiosis where we both progress and prosper together as close neighbors. All of these developments allow me to leave office with a very big smile.


Keynote Speech at The Sixth Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

You would think that after more than 180 million deaths and so much hunger, disease and pain endured as a result of armed conflicts in the 20th century, humankind would renounce war forever. But no, we have not escaped its grip.


Press Conference

Interview & Column

Interview with Foreign Editor The Austalian, Greg Sheridan

I keep consistently saying that managing diversity is not to be taken for granted. It is a real challenge for us, especially when we are knowing now, in our world, there is a tendency of the spread of radicalism across the globe. It means our diversity, on the one hand, is our richness. But, on the other hand, is our vulnerability.

Wawancara Presiden RI Dengan The Straits Times

Our economic development must be pro growth, pro job, pro poverty reduction and also pro environment. We have to achieve high and sustainable growth without destroying our environment. That’s our ideology, that’s our economic strategy.