Speech During Welcoming Event for The World Cup Trophy Tour 2014


Opening Speech at The World Culture Forum

I truly hope that a forum such as this will continue to gain international support. Therefore, international cooperation will not be confined only to economic cooperation as well as political and security cooperation. And instead, it will foster collaboration among nations to promote culture as a driver for human progress.


Press Conference

Interview & Column

Interview with Foreign Editor The Austalian, Greg Sheridan

I keep consistently saying that managing diversity is not to be taken for granted. It is a real challenge for us, especially when we are knowing now, in our world, there is a tendency of the spread of radicalism across the globe. It means our diversity, on the one hand, is our richness. But, on the other hand, is our vulnerability.

Wawancara Presiden RI Dengan The Straits Times

Our economic development must be pro growth, pro job, pro poverty reduction and also pro environment. We have to achieve high and sustainable growth without destroying our environment. That’s our ideology, that’s our economic strategy.