MIKTA Leader’s Gathering ke-1

Sabtu, 9 September 2023
Bharat Mandapam, IECC, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India


Welcome to MIKTA Summit.

We understand that today’s global challenges are very complex. And to answer those challenges, collaboration and cooperation are the answers.

In that regard, I would like to emphasize three things.

First, becoming a positive force, all countries must become a part of the solution to global challenges. MIKTA must ensure the fulfillment of development rights of all countries, including the Global South, to carry out industry downstreaming and become part of gobal supply chains.

Second, supporting an inclusive recovery, MIKTA must continue to promote inclusive recovery through digital transformation. Currently ASEAN already has Digital Economic Framework Agreement which can multiply the digital economy to USD2 trillion by 2030.

Third, promoting multilateralism, MIKTA must push for global governance reform that accommodates the voices and the needs of developing countries, and must be in line with their objective and era.

Let us continue to strengthen our synergy to create better world for all.

Thank you