Pernyataan Pers Bersama Presiden Republik Indonesia Dengan Y. M. Raja Willem-Alexander, Dalam Rangka Kunjungan Kenegaraan Y. M. Raja Willem-Alexander Dan Y. M. Ratu Maxima Dari Kerajaan Belanda Ke Republik Indonesia

Selasa, 10 Maret 2020
Istana Kepresidenan Bogor, Jawa Barat

Presiden RI:
Merupakan kehormatan bagi saya menerima kunjungan Yang Mulia Raja Willem-Alexander beserta Ratu Maxima dan delegasi Belanda ke Indonesia. Ini adalah kunjungan kenegaraan pertama yang dilakukan Kepala Negara Kerajaan Belanda sejak 25 tahun yang lalu.

Dan dalam kunjungan kenegaraan tahun 1995 yang lalu, Raja Willem-Alexander, sebagai Putra Mahkota mendampingi Ratu Beatrix ke Indonesia. Dengan demikian ini bukan merupakan kunjungan pertama beliau ke Indonesia.

Saya juga sering bertemu dan melakukan pembicaraan dengan Ratu Maxima dalam kapasitas beliau sebagai Penasehat Khusus Sekjen PBB untuk urusan keuangan inklusif.

Raja Willem-Alexander dan Ratu Maxima yang saya hormati,
Tahun ini Indonesia merayakan 75 tahun kemerdekaan Indonesia, yang kita proklamasikan pada 17 Agustus 1945. Di 75 tahun usianya, Indonesia terus berusaha menjadi bagian penyelesaian masalah dunia, berusaha terus berkontribusi bagi perdamaian dan kesejahteraan dunia. Kita menyaksikan dunia yang dipenuhi dengan ketidakpastian, dunia yang dipenuhi dengan dinamika yang sangat tinggi. Ketidakpastian tersebut dapat dikurangi jika negara-negara di dunia melakukan kerjasama yang saling menguntungkan, dan yang saling menghormati.

Perdamaian dan stabilitas dunia dapat tercapai jika negara dunia melakukan hubungan berdasarkan penghormatan terhadap kedaulatan dan integritas wilayah negara lain. Dan saya ingin mengajak Sri Baginda untuk membangun sebuah hubungan yang kuat, berdasarkan prinsip-prinsip tersebut.

Sri Baginda Raja Willem-Alexander dan Ratu Maxima,
Belanda adalah salah satu mitra penting Indonesia di Eropa, salah satu mitra strategis di bidang perdagangan, investasi dan pariwisata. Di kawasan Eropa, Belanda merupakan mitra dagang Indonesia terbesar kedua, mitra investasi terbesar pertama, dan mitra pariwisata terbesar keempat.

Saya menyambut baik kunjungan Sri Baginda yang juga disertai pengusaha Belanda dalam jumlah yang besar. Dan selama kunjungan Yang Mulia Sri Baginda, kita telah melakukan penandatanganan berbagai kerjasama antarpemerintah. Beberapa kerjasama yang baru, yang penting antara lain: Kerjasama produksi kelapa sawit berkelanjutan, kerjasama dalam isu woman, peace, and security, kemudian kerjasama pengelolaan pengendalian penyakit menular. Selain itu, sejumlah kerjasama antarbisnis juga dilakukan dengan nilai yang cukup besar, mencapai kurang lebih 1 miliar dolar Amerika.

Dan sebagai penutup, saya ingin menyampaikan bahwa kita tentu tidak dapat menghapus sejarah, namun kita dapat belajar dari masa lalu. Kita jadikan (dari )sejarah tersebut untuk meneguhkan komitmen kita membangun sebuah hubungan yang  setara, yang saling menghormati dan saling menguntungkan.

Demikian yang saya sampaikan. Saya mengundang Yang Mulia Sri Baginda untuk menyampaikan pernyataannya.

Terima kasih.

Raja Willem-Alexander:
Thank you very much Mr. President.

It is a great honor for my wife and me to be your guest. In recent years we have got to know each other well. We see this state visit as an affirmation of the close bond that has grown between us. And we look forward to making the bond with you and your country even stronger.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic boat  accident, yesterday, on the Sebangau River. Our  thoughts are with the families of the victims and with the injured.

Mr. President, on 17th of August it will be 75 years since Indonesia issued its Proklamasi, claiming its place among independent and free states. The Dutch Goverment explicitly acknowledge this fact, both politically and morally, 15 years ago. Today we warmly congratulate the people of Indonesia as you celebrate 75 years of independence.

We are looking forward to the coming days. Our visit has a wonderful, future oriented program. At the same time, it is a good thing that we continue to face up to past. The past cannot be erased, and will have to be acknowledged by each generation in turn.

In the years immediately after the Proklamasi, a painful separation followed that cost many lives. In line with the earlier statements by my goverment, I would like to express my regret and apologise for excessive violence on the part of the Dutch in those years. I do so in the full realisation that the pain and sorrow of the families affected continue to be felt today.

It is a hopeful and encouraging sign that countries which were once on opposite sides have been able to grow closer and develop a new relationship based on respect, trust, and friendship. The ties between us are becoming even stronger and more diverse. That gives me great pleasure. And I know that this feeling is widely shared in the Netherlands.

Many people in the Netherlands feel a deep connection with Indonesia. It is gratifying that, in turn, a growing number of young Indonesians are showing interest in our country. We see that in the number of young men and women who come to the Netherlands to study. We see it above all in the close working relationships between our two countries in the fields of science, the economy, water management, nature protection and climate.

In the days ahead my wife and I will be visiting various examples of such partnerships, We greatly look forward to it.

My wife has visited your country regularly as part of her work for the United Nations, and here too, the collaboration is extremely close and productive.

Mr. President, we need Indonesia. Indonesia is a member of the G20 and a leading member of ASEAN. It is a force for security and stability in Southeast Asia and it is currently a member of the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council. As the third biggest democracy in the world, and one of Asia’s largest economies, you play a leading role. For instance, in joint efforts to protect and promote the rules-based international order.

Indonesia has a long tradition of religious tolerance and can play a constructive part in this respect. It’s important to continue working together to foster peace, justice, and the protection of minorities, based on respect for sovereignty and terriorial integrity. We are keen to work together with you towards the ends.

Indonesia is a country with an old soul and a young heart. You cherish your rich culture heritage, and at the same time, you are busy conquering the future. The combination of ancient and new is what makes your country so endlessly fascinating.

My wife and I look forward to getting to know Indonesia even better. Four days are far too short, but we will do our best to see and speak to as many people as possible.

And we would like to thank all the Indonesians who are contributing to our visit; all those who are willing open their doors to us and share their stories with us. We feel very-very welcome here.

Thank you very much.